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Seeds are trackable, unique data records mimicking real customers, files, credentials or similar

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Plant seeds alongside your real data in multiple environments using native integrations and scheduled automation


... and get alerted

When attackers interact with your seeds or we find them outside of your company perimeter, you get alerted.

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Using’s range of different seed types and a growing collection of integrations can provide increased security to your risk scenarios

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Data breaches can cause an inestimable damage to companies, therefore detecting incidents and anticipating possible breaches have become very important for us. provides us very efficient mechanisms to support that, reducing significantly our worries and time spent on this ever-growing concern

Breno Glória Boueri


Quickly detecting an active data leak means you are in a much better position to identify the issue and correct it. is a unique solution and one worth investigating!”

Doug Merrett


The blind spot in your cybersecurity monitoring strategy

The blind-spot in your cybersecurity monitoring strategy Organisations are spending $120bn collectively on cybersecurity this year alone, a figure that is increasing 10% year on year There are new solutions coming to market all the time, and a constant stream of new...


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The evolution of deception technology

The evolution of deception technology Cybercriminals regularly use deceptive techniques as part of their campaigns because it’s effective, quick, and inexpensiveAccording to the FBI, phishing was the most common type of cybercrime in 2020, with phishing incidents...

Solution Summary

Solution SummaryAll you need to know about, in 60 seconds, or 2 brief pagesWhilst deception technology and threat intel may not be the easiest of concepts for the uninitiated to get their heads around, we hope you'll find that this video covers the...

What is deception technology?

What is deception technology? Deception technology enables detection without compromising real data by using decoys or traps to trick cyber criminals into stealing fake data Nearly every week, it seems like the news reports another data breach or ransomware with data...