Talking Heads 

Advice from the trenches on how to be an awesome CISO 

As a cybersecurity start up, we spend a lot of time talking to cybersecurity leaders in many organisations, looking to hear their thoughts on the product we need to build, and understand the risks and pressures they are facing every day. We’re fortunate to get to spend time with some very clever people, and felt their wisdom needs sharing! 

So, we’re launching “Talking Heads”; a series of structured interview with CISOs (and other roles that interact with CISO’s) aimed at sharing best practice and insider knowledge on how to be a great CISO. 

Interviewees will provide a little context about their role, then pick 4 questions from the selection on this page. Transcriptions of their interviews will be linked below. 

If you want to be interviewed, or have a question you want to see added to our list, please email us at

  1. How do you define the scope of the contemporary CISO role?
  2. What skills are important to you as a CISO, and how do you hone them?
  3. How do you work with senior leadership effectively?
  4. How do you get the best from your team?
  5. What stats / indicators / red-flags do you take seriously?
  6. What technique / tool / approach do you recommend everybody in cybersecurity should employ?