We are building a platform to enable deception technology and threat intelligence for the masses

We have focussed our efforts specifically on creating a toolset that is super quick and easy to get running. That doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on sophistication or capability in anyway, but rather that we have built an intuitive user experience that prioritises speed and efficiency, presenting data from an analysis capability that rivals HAL 9000!


With native connectors available so that seedata.io can be integrated directly to your other enterprise SaaS platforms, you can plant and remove seeds without any manual effort, to whatever schedule you want.

You can connect to your Office 365 tenant, your Google Drive, and Salesforce., with many more connections on their way. We can integrate to anything with an endpoint, whether it’s your file storage solution, or your SIEM platform 


Seeds can be created in a range of formats, and with all the variety of attributes required to ensure compatability and consistency with your existing data. 

Currently, we offer seeds as customers, contacts and unstructured documents (.docx and .pptx). We can provide attributes such as name, company, email, address, URL, phone number, and your custom choice of additional fields


We monitor the open web, the deep web and the dark web for any intelligence or signals related to our seeds.

We also monitor our own network of honeypot infrastructure for any signs of direct interactions with our seeds 


We index all intelligence, and perform full analysis across all tenants, giving you a ‘network benefit’ multiplier of all analysis outcomes across all our seeds and sensors. We will also be introducing a full AI capability within our analysis services 

We then pattern match our analysis against customers that are directly affected as custodians of the related seeds


Within our platform, it’s possible to configure your own details (or those of your 3rd parties working on your behalf) to be excluded from our analysis. so that false positives are removed. Events will still be recorded, but assigned a lower threat level and alerts only sent to explicitly configured recipients 


Whilst all events are presented within our platform, it is possible for you to configure various recipients for different threat level alerts. Currently we offer email, but will be adding Slack, PagerDuty, SMS and webhook options in the near future.

Each alert is enriched with a range of threat intel to better enable incident resolution. This includes details on historical activity, malware analysis, presence on any block-lists, reputation and other OSINT values.