Benefits of adopting

Reduce the frequency, duration and impact of security incidents in your most common risk scenarios

Detect data leakage

Reveal previously undetected incidents and minimise their impact before it’s too late, using enriched alerts that show you the source and time of the leak

Provide control assurance will provide confidence in the effectiveness of your existing security investments (and show you where you should be making increased investments)

Identify 3rd party data misuse

Identify situations where your trusted 3rd parties should not be quite so trusted; either maliciously or accidentally taking liberties with the data you share for legitimate purposes

Reduce incident impact

By detecting incidents earlier, and within a closed feedback loop (rather than depending on customers or regulators), the total potential impact (financial and operational) of an incident can be kept to a minimum

Increase resilience

Pre-empt attack scenarios by consuming the wider landscape of intel from our platform and protecting your organisation from attacks that have not yet happened to you 

Manage costs

Avoid overspending on security controls in areas that already adequately protected, and prioritize future improvement projects