Our premise is that your ability to detect a data theft ends at your network perimeter

If somebody gets past your controls undetected, your data is gone and you wouldn’t even know. When this happens, your customer’s data, your company’s reputation, and the total future impact of the incident are in the hands of whoever stole your data. Unlike, they don’t have your best interest at heart.

Our solution

We seed our customers data with trackable records, and monitor for exposure of these seeds outside of our customers’ systems. By doing this, we detect if and when our customers security protections have been subverted, and help our customers to reduce incident cost, and receive much needed assurance regarding the effectiveness of their security programmes

How can you say your data is secure if you’re not tracking it?

Seedata operates outside of your environment, constantly checking to make sure the data that should be safe and secure within your environment hasn’t been leaked or stolen and exposed. We’re like a GPS tracker for your data. Let us tell you why your current monitoring strategy isn’t doing this for you.



We plant unique, trackable records of data within our clients systems


We ingest threat intelligence scouring surface, deep and dark web sources for any indicators of exposure from our seeds


We analyse all events using our complex rules engine to identify security incidents relevant to the seeds within our clients



We inform our clients with rich reports so that incident investigations and response plans can start

Whilst deception technology and threat intel may not be the easiest of concepts for the uninitiated to get their heads around, we hope you’ll find that this video covers the basics

You can also download this PDF overview of how works, what problem we fix, and why that’s important. If you’ve still got questions, please use the chat button below or email us on